PomegranateJjuice Against Prostate Cancer

PomegranateJjuice Against Prostate Cancer

PomegranateJjuice Against Prostate CancerU.S. researchers reported that pomegranate juice - which was notorious as a health drink - has the effect of anti-prostate cancer, according to research conducted on laboratory mice.

The researchers said in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the prostate tumors in mice that were transferred to human cancer prostate tumors shrank after drinking pomegranate juice.

The researchers stressed that this drink dark red rich in antioxidants are chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their deep colors and play against the chemicals that damage cells, leading to cancer and other diseases.

A professor of dermatology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Dr. Hasan Mukhtar - who led the research team said in a statement released on Tuesday - that's reason enough for being tested on humans this fruit to treat cancer and prevention.

However, the difference is still significant between the treatment of mice infected with human cancer and the transition to treat the same rights but other studies have shown that pomegranate juice and other foods rich in antioxidants may help fight tumors.

It is known that prostate cancer is the second biggest killer of men after lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society is expected to kill this type of cancer, 30 thousand people this year.

The Assembly also expects that the disease is detected at 230 thousand Americans this year, most likely not to choose the control treatment but slow growth of the cancer concern.

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