First Aids

First Aids



CPR (or cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a combination of rescue lungs, by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and heart by chest compressions (between rib bone and Spinal) where blood pumps to vital parts of the body, especially the brain.


Placing a supporting brace to a broken arm or leg.
  • Stops the pain
  • Support the endings of fractured bones. This will prevent penetrating sharp bone endings into tissues and muscles and reduces bleeding in the injured body part
  • Makes the patient carriage more easy and safe

Back and Neck Injuries:

Back or neck injuries are very serious. If the wounded person was moved in a wrong way, he\she could be permanently paralyzed. Do not move the injured person, wait until specialists arrive.
CPR specialists have special back and neck support braces as they are aware of the best ways to deal with various injuries.

Toxic Chemicals and Household Cleaners Poisoning:

Poisoning is the entrance of a certain quantity of any harmful substance (natural, manufactured or contaminated) in the body leading to body damages.
In this case, first aid procedures must be done as soon as possible to reduce the toxic substance effect, request medical help and maintain the functions of respiratory system, blood circulation and other vital functions of the patient's body.


There are three types of burns
1.     Fire burns
2.     Chemical burns
3.     Electrical burns

There are three different degrees of burns based on the burn intensity, depth and size. If eyes, mouth or gentiles are affected, go to the hospital immediately. In cases of electrical burns, don’t put water on affected areas. It makes it worse.

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